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Why do we need life insurance?

You need to purchase insurance coverage because you do not want your family members to assume your financial liabilities nor have a drastic change of life style arising out of repayment of consumer debt, dependent care, college education for dependents, funeral costs, and mortgages etc.

Disability Insurance

Provide non-stop income during your recovery

Health and Dental Plan

Pay for your medical bills and eliminate unexpected expenditure

Critical Illness Insurance

*Covered 36 critical illnesses conditions

Let you concentrate on your cure and wellness

Whole Life Insurance

An investment strategy with benefits to an early retirement

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can offset the high medical costs associated with being ill while travelling outside of your province. Likewise, trip cancellation and interruption insurance can offset financial loss resulting from your pre-paid, non-refundable trip costs if you have to cancel your travel plans for an insured reason.

Traveling Canadian

Student Traveler

Start at
per traveller

Family Vacation

Start at
per traveller

Business Trip

Start at
per traveller

Why do you need “Immigrants
& Visitors to Canada” Insurance?

Immigrants & Visitors to Canada Insurance helps protect visitors to Canada and their families from unexpected costs due to a medical emergency while visiting Canada. Some Canadian hospitals charge over $4,000 a day in medical costs.

Visiting Canada


Canadian Studying abroad / internation students studying in Canada

Start at
per traveller

Visitors to Canada

This plan is for visitors to Canada, Canadians or immigrants who are awaiting coverage under a Canadian Government Health Insurance plan or persons who are in Canada on a work visa or Parent and grandparent super visa.

Start at
per traveller


A comprehensive investment program for your life cycle

Non - Registered Saving Plan

With a flexible savings plan, you can invest even more for your personal projects and retirement and accumulate your wealth.


Registered retirement saving plan can help you save money for your retirement, tax-free. Additionally, contributions to an RRSP lower your taxable annual income, which means that you enjoy tax savings.


A RESP allows you to build up savings to put forward your child’s post-secondary education.a


Tax-free saving account is a savings plan that allows you to grow your savings, tax free. It is a perfect solution for your short, medium, and long-term savings projects, like paying for trip, buying a home or creating an emergency fund.


Are you on the verge of changing jobs and want to know what will happen to the pension plan you have with your current employer? A Locked-in retirement account allows you to transfer the money saved in a pension plan with a former employer to an individual plan.


An individual pension plan is a defined benefit plan designed for business owners or executives who want to optimize their retirement income. It’s an advantageous option if you want to save more for retirement while reducing your taxes.

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